What We Offer

Our consulting services fall into four categories as follows:



  • Programme Development & Evaluation

This category of services include Programme Proposal Design, Programme Midterm Review, and Final Programme Evaluation in terms of result-based approach. In addition, we offer peer-review of programme proposal and reports.

Completed or Ongoing Projects:

- Mid-term Review of DFID-funded Sharing and Learning of Community-based Disaster Management in Asia

  • Risk Information Services

We develop evidence-based hazard and risk profiles in terms of our clients' specific needs and requirements for hazard, risk and disaster information, through compilation or on-site assessment.

  • Training and Coaching

At Rodel Risk Solutions, we offer three featured training courses that have been developed based on a learning-by-doing approach:

    • Disaster Risk Modeling, Mapping and Profiling for Public Decision Making
    • Integrated Risk Governance in a Changing Climate
    • Complex System Analysis and Management

These courses have been delivered in 20+ countries in the formats of National Workshop, Regional Workshop, and Advanced Seminar. In addition, we provide Coaching services - a practical approsch we have developed to boost institutional capability for risk assessment. This service is provided through the whole course of project implementation.

  • Research and System Development

Our Research service is focused on Knowledge Framework for thematic risk management and Development service focused on the development of Disaster Risk Infiormation Systems, i.e. National Disater Observatory (NDOTM) and National Risk Atlas (NRA), as well as client-specfic methodologies and tools for risk assessment and mapping.

Competed or Ongoing Projects:

- Phase III Development of National Disaster Observatory Protoptype and its Applications